Import Financing
Import finance

Finance provides buyers more time to pay for their imports while Banque Robeco Europe pays their exporters on their behalf as per the due date.

Our Products

Banque Robeco Europe provides loans to importers like you to pay your overseas exporters. Funds can be advanced up-front against a specific timeline for the production and shipment of finished goods agreed by you and your exporter.


  • Provides loan to fund the exporter’s purchase of materials to fulfill your order
  • Strengthens the exporter’s finances to promote a healthy supply chain
  • Flexible loan repayment options – in exchange for goods on arrival at destination, or on extended credit post arrival (subject to credit evaluation)
  • Removes any need by your exporter for LC or credit insurance as Banque Robeco Europe guarantees your credit

Our In-transit Import Finance funds your imports from the time your exporter delivers the goods to BRE. When cargo arrives (or later, if agreed), you pay Banque Robeco Europe. Unlike most conventional lenders, Banque Robeco Europe accepts in-transit inventory as collateral.


  • You can now borrow against your inventory “on the water” unlike with most lenders
  • Improves your working capital efficiency
  • Boosts your liquidity
  • Facilitates a price discount from your exporter for early payment
  • Potential to extend your credit beyond arrival of goods (subject to credit evaluation)
  • Improves your relationship with your exporter through early payment of your invoices when due
  • Timely digital release of your goods rather than paper-based lender methods

Our Importer Credit solution allows you to extend longer payment terms to your overseas suppliers. When due, Banque Robeco Europe will collect the full invoice amount from you.


  • Provides you extended trade credit at no cost to you
  • Avoids Letter of Credit hassles and cost
  • Optimises your working capital by extending your payables
  • Requires no collateral from you
  • Frees up your existing credit lines for other use
  • Qualifies as “off balance sheet” funding (clients are requested to be advised by their auditors)
  • Facilitates your negotiation of early payment price discounts
  • Streamlines and simplifies your physical and financial supply chains
  • Improves your financial metrics by reducing your Days Payable Outstanding